Lets talk about debt, baby

Morning is always my favorite time to post!! I’ll go ahead and give a shout out to coffee on that one!

It’s time to be vulnerable. So here we go. Before I get my Virtual Accountability Partner website/company, I need to hold MYSELF accountable!

Lets be real, money is stressful! Making it, wanting more, spending less, bills, bills, bills!

As of today, June 8th, all of my debt combined ( credit card oye, hip replacement surgery, vacationS, and vehicle) is $17,247.58 insert upset stomach!!
And as of today, June 8th, combined in my bank account is: $1650.98


I need to get my shit together you guys!

I’ve started a small side hustle selling a product to help whiten your teeth (legit I used it, see the selfie!) contact me if you want to know more about it!

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So anyway- for the time being(and by that I mean in November it will be 3 years..), I have moved back to my parents house, they are helping take care of me while I recover from my 2nd hip replacement, because Brian can’t take that much time off of work, and he still needs to be travelling. Then, God willing, I will move into his new house with him about 8 weeks after surgery. Once I get the okay to ditch my thigh high compression socks. It’s been a long process and hard on me in our relationship, but in the end I really do think it will be worth it.  So until he feels the time is right, I will do my best to continue to enjoy not having very many bills, and enjoying life pursuing lots of options with not being tied down to anyone place.
Another important thing, to me anyway, to becoming debt free, is to stay healthy! That way I can keep hustling on, you know?!

Here we go guys!