It has been a CRAZY couple of days!

I have been trying my best to have everything ready and organized before surgery, 2 weeks from yesterday!! It was kind of a bummer to stay in town when Brian had gone up north, but it really helped to put my mind at rest, to get things ready. My hospital bag is pretty much packed- note to self, MUST find hat!  Maybe try a dry shampoo
Remember how a week ago Tuesday I had an in home wine tasting party?  Over half of the wine was delivered on Friday already! 1 box was damaged on delivery, so I am still waiting for about 19 bottles or so. Can’t wait to host another party, they are so fun! see my YouTube ( ) channel for my little baby review of our wine guide, Alicia! Check out the delicious mess!
some of the wine that my friends ordered from our in home tasting!
I repotted my lemon trees, I think I killed them instead…oye. I’ve never repotted anything, but I am pretty sure I pulled a little too hard and they went in the bigger pot a little crooked. fingers crossed though, because they were doing so well!
Daily Vlog, another habit in the making!  I am ALL in for creating better habits for myself. Example, today marks a whole week of drinking a gallon of water a day! Surgery in less than 2 weeks or not, I want to feel as healthy as possible.
  Speaking of surgery, you guys, I have hit the point to where I am losing sleep because I am over thinking it! Not in a bad way, I am MORE than excited to get it done. However, I am just afraid I am going to forget something, or not do something correctly with my insurance, FMLA, or short term disability. 6-8 weeks off is a LOT of time, and I want to make the most of it on here and my youtube channel. I don’t want to have to worry about being on the phone trying to correct something I should have figured out weeks ago.  I also want to try dry shampoo. I also need to find my hat, I also need to finish packing the little things (mascara, chargers, tshirts, socks?)
Currently I am living between 3 places.  It makes me want to be organized SO badly, and it’s necessary too! I have a majority of my clothes at my parents, most of my furniture and some of my clothes at Brians, and swimsuits and sweatshirts up at the cabin. Getting my thoughts and things together was a big part of the reason I did not go up north this past weekend. I needed to put things together at my parents as I will be here for atleast 8 weeks. The doc says it could take that long to drive too, yikes!
We will be up north the next two weekends, this coming weekend for Brians birthday (which next Monday and Tuesday we are going to Traverse City for wine tasting and our hand at gambling in celebration for Brians birthday and our good friends anniversary! cant wait to show you photo’s!) The following weekend is of course the 4th of July weekend. I believe we are going to a pool party here in town for a wee bit, and then headed up north for fireworks and a campfire with friends on the lake.
Fathers Day was a few days ago, and I feel to have the dad I do. He’s the most self-less guy on the planet and I can’t believe he’s MY dad! He is ALWAYS encouraging and supporting our family. I never would have had my greatest adventure in life so far, when I moved to North Carolina, if it wasn’t for him. Brian and I took him for some beers earlier in the week as he had to fly out on Fathers Day evening (Boo) to California for TWO weeks!  We were still able to pop over for some fun in the pool with the whole family early in the afternoon on Fathers Day. Brian was even cute enough to buy him some candies for the plane.  After some swimming we went to Brian’s folks’ house for some steak dinner (with veggies, potatoes, yummy bread with wonderful oil dipping sauce, shrimp, and scallops on the grill yum-o!)
I have been cleaning up my electronics- emptying my photo’s from my phone/having a memory stick- in efforts to prolong getting a new phone for as long as possible. I love my phone still and am not ready to part with it!
Also just an FYI, I am working on some Affiliate posts. With me being so busy, I have been using Amazon a TON, for Brian’s bday gifts, future birthday gifts for others, and the few decorations I’ve got for Brian’s house.  I can’t wait to show you guys as the house progress’!
I thought I’d add some photo’s of life as of late too!  Pictures are memories in the making and I love looking back through them!
my first time trying a Zima Rancher!
My guy & I having a bit of a Sunday Funday
Tried a new sushi place! Decided to stick to our favorites 😉
Dinner & a Movie at home, my favorite! ( we watched Papertowns..pretty good!)
home made Reece’s Flurry to finish up the movie
my favorite girl watching me leave for work- did NOT want to leave her!