Week 1 with the new hip

Pretty much a week ago, exactly from this time I was being wheeled into the operating room to have my right hip replaced.


Back in the beginning of March I had my left hip replaced.  To say that was a breeze, especially at this point, would be an understatement. Sure,  I had some pain, and lack of motion, but compared to how much pain I have been in with my right hip replacement, actually wait…there is no comparison.  This past week has been nothing short of pain filled. I am hoping because they sliced my muscle in half to get to my bone,  that as my muscle heals, I will have less and less pain. Cross your fingers for me!

I honestly don’t remember much of Monday or Tuesday, I hit my morphine IV drip every chance I could (turns out, I only hit it about 5 times a day) and was requesting other pain meds along with it.  Physically therapy was rough, but somehow I managed to pass their “course”  and get the approval to go home on Wednesday. My blood pressure behaved itself this time, back in March it kept dipping so low I had to stay an extra day. Since I’ve been home, I’ve been trying to only use narcotics at night to help me sleep through some of the pain, and as much as I hate to say it, the more I walk around (assisted by a walker) it does feel better.  I am constricted to “house arrest” for another week until my 2 week post op appointment where they will take off my bandage and take out my staples out-fair warning, there will be pictures-.   Thursday night /Friday morning, we had a tornado pass through and lost power, luckily, we are blessed with wonderful people in our lives. Friday afternoon Brian brought over a huge cooler of ice so I could continue to ice my incision to help with swelling.  Later Friday night, my uncle came to the rescue with a generator so we wouldn’t lose any of the food we have in our many freezers.  My niece and nephew were over for the weekend, they are 3 and 8, and I could tell they missed playing on tablets and unwinding from the day by watching a few cartoons, but that just meant more time outside and in the pool! They helped clean up the yard by picking up much of the debris and singing songs with my parents and brother.  No power also meant we ate pretty much every meal outside, their favorite thing! They love when we all eat together.  Because I am staying with my parents for probably the next 2 months, Brian took the opportunity to head north to his parents property with some buddies to shoot some of their guns, play horseshoes, make a fire and grill food. It made me feel good to hear him so relaxed and happy.   Yesterday he stopped over for a while and brought me lunch before he flew to South Dakota for his next project. I’m so glad he is flying this time, otherwise it would be an 11 hour drive each way!  It’s funny because my dad flew out last night as well, except he flew to California and won’t be back for 2 weeks!

I’m excited to have this time with my mom though, she took a few weeks off of work so she can be my caretaker as I’m on the mend. Today is the first day that I feel like I have a clear head and my pain is finally decreasing some.  I better get up and move some again now.

Thanks for reading about my journey to recovery!