Home Decor in the making!

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Making a house a home is something that I have looked forward to since dating Brian. Although the process isn’t going as planned ( I expected us to move everything we both had in at the same time and sort it out together..not have him move everything of his, and half of my things, while I wait to move the other half until both of my hip replacements heal ) it’s still exciting to have a place where I know we will be together.  I have been going a little stir crazy lately, and what has helped me is buying a few things for the house while I am still laid up.

Our house is an older home and I absolutely love the charm that brings to every room!

The first items I purchased was macrame plant hanger/holders. There are hooks in our little breakfast nook, in our bay window in the dinning room, in the living room, and one in the main floor restroom. At first I didn’t know what I was going to do with the holes in the ceiling, but then I came up on these and thought, what a great way to tie these rooms together! Click the link to take a peak and purchase them!


I also ordered a pack of succulent seeds!! I don’t know what has gotten into me this year, but I have loved growing and planting things!  These seeds were pretty cheap, and there are SO MANY SEEDS! I feel like my odds are pretty good to get some great looking succulents! (side note, how many times can I say succulent in one little paragraph? haha )  Take a look at how beautiful they are going to be!


I have no idea how common this is where you live, but we don’t have a dishwasher (legit, comment and let me know where you are and if you have one! ). To me, it’s not that huge of a deal, in my last apartment I didn’t have one, and with it being just two of us, I can’t imagine it’s that big of a deal. However, I got this cute foam rug because standing in one spot for a while can be a little hard on my tootsies. It’s so nice and soft!

Brian has been living at the house since April, and one thing he brings up often is how he misses having a key hook right when he walks in, he is constantly forgetting where he puts his keys! hint; they are usually on the breakfast nook table, or in his pants pockets, but hey. So I just ordered this key hook for our keys, and if I can get over there sometime this week/weekend, I might even try to put it up myself! And don’t even worry, I’ve already put a first aid kit over there! haha you can never be too safe with someone as accident prone as myself around! Wish me luck with this cute little thing! Also, asking for a friend, do key hooks NEED to be level?


Thanks for letting me share a few of things I’ve bought for the new house! Just talking about these few items has me so excited to move the rest of my stuff in!! Gah, patience PLEASE find me!!  Most likely I’ll do another post like this after I get all of my stuff unpacked and see what else we need!