Fluff Post

I am so far out of blogging you guys!!


I think I fell into a small bit of depression towards the end of my medical leave. I am a girl that loves to be on the go, so being cooped up, not being able to drive, having it be hard to walk, started to bring me down.

Luckily that has ended and I am walking unassisted now!  I am now back to work as well, which has also been an adjustment in such a good good way!


After the spending the Holiday weekend at the lake with about 20 of our closest friends, I feel refreshed and so ready to be focused on getting life going again!  I feel like I have about 983745 projects started and really need to concentrate on completing them! Or at least progressing with them! This girl does not like hanging out in no mans land!

Today though, I am moving more things into the new place, hallelujah! I am so ready to feel settled! I am hoping I can get most everything, with the exception of maybe my bed and couch over there this week. Then organize from there. Next week I am out of town a few nights for work, so it would be great to have all of my things in one spot for that!

I even hesitate putting this “in writing” because, honestly, who knows how it’ll all go, if it’ll go at all?! but hey, I think I am writing a book. I know, it’s crazy! I can’t even explain it, but I woke up super early because  I had this thought, and next thing I knew, I wrote the whole introduction and half of the first chapter, then I mapped out a good portion of the whole story. It was the craziest thing! Now I just need to focus on putting everything together! I am so excited about it though!

Also something to be super pumped about is the way I’m FEELING lately. I have been really trying to watch my portion sizes the past month or so, and trying to drink more water, eat less shit, etc etc.  I ordered a new fitbit, so I’ve also been focusing getting as many steps a day as I can! It’s such a great feeling. We have 2 trips planned for November, and that has been another great motivator.

What motivates you?

Does anyone else think its crazy what music can do to your mood? I have been intentionally listening to upbeat, “fun” music in the mornings before work and I have to tell you, it has helped my productivity immensely!  Do you have anything that really helps pump you up? Share with me!