Something New

You guys!

I only have 1 little dresser full of clothes and a portable wardrobe full of clothes left (and a bed and couch..) and I’ll be completely moved in!  I am buzzing from this new adventure and love that it has only just begun!

Yesterday morning we went to Brian’s oldest brothers house so he could help him put in new french doors. This gave me the opportunity to catch up with Brian’s sister in law. The coffee cup I used (see below) was probably the best coffee cup I’ve ever used!! Please note my LOVE of champagne! It was so cute. I also had coffee from a french press for the first time, SUCH a great flavor!

Now,  we do not have a lot in common. Like, nothing, at all. Except being in love with our Polish men. So to create small talk, we talked about her work, her dogs, her allergies, then, she was telling me about this new diet she was on (Shout out to Haylie Pomroy!) and how much better she was feeling! She had more energy, and she also shared with me that this diet can help with inflammation! We started going through some recipes and she gave me a couple of Haylie’s books to read through, and I’m pretty pumped about it! Now that my hips are replaced and I’m well into recovery, I’m ready to ramp up my body even more! As pumped as I am, I know I need to still take it slow, but it’s so exciting to start!

As I was getting read this morning, I was thinking about how much I was going to miss Brian coming up. We have spent so much time apart this year because of my surgeries and recoveries, and now he is travelling for work for about the next month or so. As of right now, the plan is for him to leave tomorrow for South Dakota, I am not sure if he is coming back for the weekend, then he will be gone the whole following week, and the following weekend he is driving the shorter distance to see some of his Army buddies while he is already so far west. For the first 3 years of our relationship, we saw each other 5 times a week if not more. So to spend so much time apart now has been such a struggle. It’s been especially hard lately because I have a lot of trouble keeping up with how our lifestyle use to be. I try, but I have to tell you, I am so over people telling me I look exhausted and that I have a wobble. um yeah, I had 2 major surgeries with in 5 months of each other and I am still trying to heal and learn how to walk again. Gah. end rant.

So as I was getting ready, I decided that I should take this opportunity of “living alone” for the next couple of weeks and see what this diet can do! It’s so much easier to alter your eating when it’s just you!  I’ve also made it a goal to get 5,000 steps before my work day is over, and then I try to get 5,000 more after work! I have also been working on walking with out a limp, I can do it, but it takes so much concentration! It’s so hard to describe having to focus to walk. But I will do it!  Because I am feeling so motivated this morning, I decided to forego having a cup of coffee (with milk and sugar) while I was getting ready like normal, I’ll also admit that it helped a TON that I haven’t unpacked my keurig yet!  Because of that, I also didn’t make another cup of coffee to drink on my way to work like I usually do, instead I sipped on some water. ps- it use to take me in between 20-45 minutes to get to work in the morning, this morning, from the new house? 9 minutes. NINE!!! It was wonderful.  When I got to work I had hot green & lemon tea with some honey. As soon as I finish this cup of water, THEN I will enjoy a cup of coffee with dairy free creamer and sugar substitute!  I am more than excited about it!

This week Wednesday through Friday I will be on the east side of the state for a conference! If anyone knows of anything to do in Bay City, Michigan, shoot me a message or comment!