New year, new you?

I know that is a LOT of folks are using as their mantra this time of year, and you know what, good for them! I hope they set goals and crush them! One thing I am looking forward this year is being a better cheerleader for my social media family and my IRL family and friends.
2017 (yes here comes the reflection portion for this post!) Is not a year I will forget. I had both of my hips replaced this year. I am 32 years old!  It definitely made me realize that I can handle more than I think I can, even though I don’t always believe that. I pushed through some of the most intense pain I have ever been in, and am still learning How to walk with out limping.  It’s been quite the journey and it’s just begun. I want to use this opportunity to DO more, but I have been using pain as a crutch lately. Okay yes, I’ll throw fear in there too. I’m scared to push myself.
I can’t let that stop me though.
I want 2018 (and for many more years to come)  to be the year of a better me, I want to be better at trying new things; foods, adventures, hell even different life styles! I don’t mean all things glamorous either. I want to take better care of myself, better skincare, even doing more things to make myself happy, like better foods for my body. My guy has been so supportive of me dipping my toe into the “paleo diet lifestyle” and I think it is a great place to start my new year.
I hope if you are reading this you will join me in my journey of living an even better life to the great one I have now.