So many grown up things

The topic of retirement has been SO heavy on my mind lately! Part of me says it’s crazy, I’m in my early 30s!

With what I do for my 9-5 I see so many people, my age all the way through their 80s, have to come in for assistance.  It’s terrifying. How are you my parents age and can’t afford food? A lot of it comes down to poor choices. Oh I see you spend 1600 since December at a liquor store or on Amazon, yet, your electric is turned off.

I feel like I always struggle with finding balance in my life, for example, do I live life now in my “good years” or save up now so I’m comfortable later in life?

My guy and I sat down recently and started planning a little more. We’ve been blessed with great jobs and opportunities. With my job I will get a pension when I retire, and I also have a traditional IRA (whoa grown up talk ) so together we talked about amounts that I could contribute each month with out feeling like I am breaking the bank or living paycheck to paycheck. We’ve also spent the past couple nights in, enjoying our home and hanging out just the 2 of us. Wow I feel mature, right here in this paragraph!

I guess what it boils down to is trying. Not every month will be perfect, and some months I might go out more than others. Some days May be I’ll just be bored at home to save up for a trip! The point is, this is me, bettering myself and seeing the bigger picture.  And life is so so good, with all the hills and valleys!

I think the most important thing I did though, was started. I stopped over thinking it, and just decided to put money into a place where i couldn’t access it.

If you guys ever want to talk about grown up things, I can give you more specifics about how I created my budget (and how I’ve been saving money too!) and how I decided what yo contribute to my accounts, reach out! My social medias are on my home page, and my email is