Push yourself!

There is so much to be said about pushing yourself, isn’t there ??

Last night for example, I wanted nothing more than to come home, have pizza, and do nothing ! My guy had other plans. He said I could stay home and he’d run all of the errands.

His work schedule, and our lives are so crazy, that I’m never sure when he will have to go out of town, so I like to spend as much time with him when I can. So we just did your ordinary errands, returned cans, picked up prescriptions etc, etc. I picked up a head of broccoli for my dinner and some toppings for a hotdog party we are having on Thursday!

I had veggies for dinner and laying in bed last night I was SO glad I decided to do something with him rather than just sit! I’m so serious about getting my body where I want it to be, so I can start taking some risks with it!

Hopefully I can get motivation when I read this post in the future and remember to keep moving!

Happy Tuesday !