About Me

I am daughter to JT and Katy, little sister to John, and Auntie to Brylee & LJ.

I have a full time job working for the government, and a part time job as a cocktail waitress.

I am a morning person after a hot shower and cup of coffee with milk and sugar.  Having Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis affects some days, I’ve had both of my hips replaced. I’m an advocate and  Chair of our local Walk to Cure Arthritis.  I will hug pretty much any and everyone who will let me. I’m a handful with crazy dreams and excitement that is through the moon about them.

I can’t wait to make a house a home, show you my garden, share some family recipes, show you my clothes, take you with me when I travel, put on my make up while I talk to you, and show you how my guy and I host our many friends for cookouts at our home, and at our lake house!